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-You Belong here-
membership means more

EnVie Fitness is a faith-guided, women-only personalized group fitness studio where we celebrate your personal journey. We find what makes you unique, and authentically guide you to become the best version of you. We create fun, high-energy workouts, and use a step-by-step approach to nutrition for long-term success. EnVie Fitness: Progress over perfection

✔️Comfortable environment with women just like you
✔️Never wonder if your form is right, our certified trainers motivate and keep you engaged so that you achieve your best results.
✔️Kids room access is included FREE
✔️Our workouts are backed by science, you will see metabolism spikes and calorie crushing results
✔️Our formula is proven to burn even more calories after your workout
✔️Plus, you have the ability to monitor progress in class and see the results of your efforts in class an with a report after class.
✔️Access to exclusive member content including personal coaching, nutrition guidance and more!

-Our Formula for Success-

Group Training

You will train with other fun women just like you 3x per week to help you tone up, lose fat and skyrocket your energy. All training sessions are scaled to YOUR level and allow you to progress safely and see results fast. It's like personal training, just with other people there to motivate you and have fun with.


Accountability is simply doing what you said you would do. We keep you on track with monthly measurements, daily and weekly check ins and progress reports from each workout so you know exactly where you are at and you can continue to look back at how far you've come.

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Our trainers are committed to your results and with their support you can fast track like never before.You're never alone. Between the trainers and your fellow girls, you have endless amounts of support to help you through the rough times and to celebrate your wins (something we do not do enough).
EnVie is unlike anything you've seen before. We push each other, have fun, laugh and even hang out outside of the studio. This kind of supportive environment is what keeps our girls coming back year after year.
Everyone needs a supportive place and with so many stressors at work, with family and other life events, why not have your "happy place" where you are surrounded with people just like you who help to keep you motivated but also provide a unique breath of fresh air every time you walk through the doors. 

Personal Training


We offer personal training in a group setting that is FUN- let’s face it, if it’s not fun then you’re not going to stick with it. You will look forward to every class(you may not believe that now, but just wait).
👉Association with a connected community of like-minded, non-judgmental women who encourage, push and support you so you never feel alone. We are the extra push you need to reach your personal goals.
👉A program that gives you more in a 55 minute workout than most 2 hour workouts can…(and it’s not because it’s “hard”)…we keep it safe and select exercises that give you the BEST benefit.
👉Accountability- measurements, before/after photos, body fat check, weekly check-in’s and trainers who know YOU (not just “instructors” who don’t know your name, let alone your goals and motivation).

-Why envie fitness-

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